Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welcome to Global Economy World!!

This week I had to understand some economic definitions and trades. I have never been interesting in economy. Therefore, it was so difficult for me to understand the readings and the movie. I started to ask to my friends about the free trade, TLC, and actual economic situation. That new information helped me a lot because I was in zero. I was thinking to take economy as a core course, but with this week I think that I am not ready for that world. I will be an engineer, I like math, but I don’t like economy.

Between Gerunds and Infinitives!!

The last week I made real my nightmare, I had to study gerund and infinitives. That topic is my weak point. I learned some adjectives of that huge list, but I must memorize all of them. I tried to create many strategies to memorize them but I did not find the correct one yet. I will continue searching for a new method to learn those lists. Maybe I can record that words in a CD and when I will be driving I can listen them. Obviously that I will miss to listen my favorite radio station(107.3), but in hard moments, you should take hard decisions.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

What i learned in my engineering class!

In the course ENCE 200, a programming course, I could discover how to make my own home page and how to use all the commands to make it. At the first time is interesting, but then you ask yourself how it could help you in your major, civil engineering. Well, you also can add some charts with formulas. In this way you can present a nice job about a theory, a problem, or you can show your resume in a nice way. Programming is now a primordial tool, it could help you a lot.

Friday, February 16, 2007

College Park was covered with snow!!!!

This is a white week. The weather is cold and the road is slippery. One night of white rain was enough to cover the city with that pretty color. The university was closed this Wednesday. On Thursday we had the oral presentations. I watch the video “A Life in the wild” of Jane Goodall. It is an interesting documentary where she talked about her life, her work and her discoveries about chimpanzees. Talking about my presentation, it was not good. I was very nervous and I couldn’t control my time. I just started to forget everything. It was my first time giving an oral presentation in English, but it was interesting.

Friday, February 9, 2007

The third week past and end, and now that it is what we learned!!!

Simple words can describe this week, but sometimes you don't know how to begin. We just came back to pronouns and speeches, some part of the grammar tha is not my skill. We was between the other and another,and we discovered that could be others. The description of what she said or what he asked, it can describe a direct or indirect act. Now we can use an ever saying whatever, or now we can use one whether when a noun clause want to be present. Questions' order changed during this week. Now the subject precedes the verb, but only if a noun clause wants to appear. If you want to be reflexive, using yourself could be amazing. Thinking about a personal or impersonal way, a pronoun can be my new way. Now pronouns are something easy, but in an essay that could be not simple. For the end of this small paragraph, please remember write it instead of an essay that is what happened to me during these days. End your homework using your words, and don’t cheating now is the law!! Now ending with a quiz is our new way, that will make you crazy every friday at this day.Finally to make happy our week, we play with some snow balls this week. Thanks Nasser for the ice, but you also received your part.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DC July 2006

That is a small CAT, isn't it???? I like it!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

First Post

I'm new in this stuffs about blogger. I hope that you gonna like my blogger with the time. see you

That's Me!!

That's Me!!