Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welcome to Global Economy World!!

This week I had to understand some economic definitions and trades. I have never been interesting in economy. Therefore, it was so difficult for me to understand the readings and the movie. I started to ask to my friends about the free trade, TLC, and actual economic situation. That new information helped me a lot because I was in zero. I was thinking to take economy as a core course, but with this week I think that I am not ready for that world. I will be an engineer, I like math, but I don’t like economy.


Nina Liakos said...

Hi Flavia,
Economics is confusing for me too, but I think it's really, really important for everybody to know something about economics because we are all affected by it. For this reason, I am glad we had the opportunity to learn something about it!

nazanin said...

thank you Flavia for your comment yes all of paintings is mine (I did all of them)about french, i DON'T LIKE FRENCH PEOPLE ,BUT I LIKE THEIR LANGUAGE AS YOU KNOW IN EUROPE FRENCH IS A SECOND many counrty speak french. Unfortunatly i don't like japoneese language at all.there is one good expretion : speak english with your freind, speak french with your love, and speak germany with your enemy.

Jennifer Ho said...

I like your blog and each picture you post. It's very interesting and meanfuling. Would you please share your idea with us?

That's Me!!

That's Me!!