Sunday, March 11, 2007

Between Gerunds and Infinitives!!

The last week I made real my nightmare, I had to study gerund and infinitives. That topic is my weak point. I learned some adjectives of that huge list, but I must memorize all of them. I tried to create many strategies to memorize them but I did not find the correct one yet. I will continue searching for a new method to learn those lists. Maybe I can record that words in a CD and when I will be driving I can listen them. Obviously that I will miss to listen my favorite radio station(107.3), but in hard moments, you should take hard decisions.

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Nina Liakos said...

Hello Flavia,
Memorizing is a pain, isn't it?! Yet a certain amount of memorization is necessary when learning a new language. I like your idea of recording a CD to listen to while driving. In general, the more senses you involve in your learning, the better your result will be, so look at, listen to, say aloud, and write your phrases to involve the senses of sight, hearing, and touch. If you can think of a way to taste and smell your grammar, use that too!

That's Me!!

That's Me!!