Friday, February 9, 2007

The third week past and end, and now that it is what we learned!!!

Simple words can describe this week, but sometimes you don't know how to begin. We just came back to pronouns and speeches, some part of the grammar tha is not my skill. We was between the other and another,and we discovered that could be others. The description of what she said or what he asked, it can describe a direct or indirect act. Now we can use an ever saying whatever, or now we can use one whether when a noun clause want to be present. Questions' order changed during this week. Now the subject precedes the verb, but only if a noun clause wants to appear. If you want to be reflexive, using yourself could be amazing. Thinking about a personal or impersonal way, a pronoun can be my new way. Now pronouns are something easy, but in an essay that could be not simple. For the end of this small paragraph, please remember write it instead of an essay that is what happened to me during these days. End your homework using your words, and don’t cheating now is the law!! Now ending with a quiz is our new way, that will make you crazy every friday at this day.Finally to make happy our week, we play with some snow balls this week. Thanks Nasser for the ice, but you also received your part.


Nina Liakos said...

Flavia, you summarized our week's topics in poetry! :-)

Flavia said...

Poetry is sometimes my way to express what my heart want to say. I just discovered that when i was in high school, and now i'm continuing doing when i feel something push me to do it.

Dennis said...

Hola, Flavia.

What an interesting summary of your week in class! I think you've discovered what's truly important in grammar: using it to communicate exactly what you want to say. Your comment on other and another and others was very communicative, and you also made a very interesting comment on embedded (indirect) questions. I also enjoyed what you said about pronouns and on the organizational style that estadounidenses prefer for writing. Finally, I enjoyed the light-hearted ending (the reference to snowballs and to Nasser and the ice).

Your personal introduction was beautiful, by the way: very moving.

Enjoy your time with Mrs. Liakos! She's a wonderful person and a wonderful teacher! (I know her because we're in an online seminar together.)

Best wishes!

(an ESL teacher in Phoenix, Arizona)

That's Me!!

That's Me!!